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Desert Song: A Poem

I once wrote a love song:   traveled to a desert wasteland in search of an emerald treasure;  found myself sinking in the quicksand of despondency;   caught like a bird in the net of self-pity and deceived by the viper on the dunes of the Negev.  Thirsty all the day long, cold in the night, my ears rang from the gusts of my weeping, a thousand Rachel’s crying in the streets of my homeland.  Carrying the seal of love, I tarried onward.  A million stars to brighten my path, swirling above my ship of hope.  A cloud went before me by day, a fiery pillar by night.  I walked onward.

There appeared, almost an illusion, an oasis of 12 wells and seventy palm tree’s.  I sat down to rest a while under the shade there of.  I drank in the pure crystal water of love.


My weary bones strengthened, I set back out on my journey.  Soon thereof, I came upon a fork in the road;  I took the crooked path leading up the mountain of bondage.  Suddenly, my back was aching from the weight of all my worries and fears;  the slave chains had appeared out of nowhere.   Grace felt thunder and lighting made the earth begin to tremor, rebuking the dark cloud that hovered over me.  Fearful now , I ran down the mountain and threw off the yoke of lies.  In my haste, I also broke off the chain of fellowship that was hanging close to my heart.

I found my way back to the Cross.  I wept.  Repentance now drawn in the sand.  Casting off the night burdens.  A new path appeared.  The way of Holiness that travels straight through the mountains and valley of light.  Straight to the new country, a land flowing with milk and honey.  I walked with a new song.