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Forever Maestro

There is a lonely violin that plays to the tune of her melancholy heart.  It fills the height and depth of an empty theater, it rises above the crowd on a busy street, it’s heard over troubled waters, on ribboned pathways and in sad cafes.

In it belongs the secret of the morning, the ancient letters, the new day and the love song.  The blue notes drip slow steady tears that water the garden of hope.  And though the melody is just a seed, if it is driven deep down into the womb of the earth and dies, it will rise to life again.  For this song holds in it the hope of things eternal.

So the bow of time staccatos across the stings of her forever love.  A tune for the ages, it harkens the gale force of longing from the quiet forest and awakens the sleepy stars above the desert wasteland.

Public Domain
Photo By: Vera Kratochvil

It is the wind beneath the eagle;  It is the morning sun rising on a field of red poppies;  It is the quiet canter of the white-tailed deer, prancing through the bottomlands of the river valley;  It is the nightingale and the morning dove;  It is the secret longing of every heart.  It is Christ our Saviour;  It is forgiveness;  It is Grace.  Amazing Grace!

The notes have the potential to unlock  the door of second chances and new beginnings.  It can dispel fear and encourage the promise of Spring.  It can heal the wounds of bitterness and wipe away the tears of regret.  Around it, like an aura of mystery, a light so bright it can melt away the icy burdens of a polar heart.  It is a song without end:  A Shepherd to watch over you;  An endless measure of hidden treasure;  The Rose of Sharon and a lily of the valley;  The First and the Last;  Your ever North, South, East and West;  It is the Prince of Peace;  and the King of Kings;  It is Christ our Savior.  It is Grace.  Amazing Grace

It holds ‘s the power of life and death.  It’s heard in the laughter of a child, the gentle smile of a passerby, and the prayer of little boy in the night.  It cleanses the soul and burns away the dross.  It transforms.  It’s a balm and an unmerited blessing.  It rides on the crest of the clouds;  It holds in its hand’s the hearts of men;  It is omniscient  and omnipresent;  It is the Resurrection and The Life;  It is the Rock of the ages;  It is Christ our Savior.  It is Grace.  Amazing Grace!