Born and raised in the Midwest, I longed to believe there was something more to life than graduating College and working behind a desk. I embodied an adventurous spirit and found myself in NYC after graduation.

Longing to be where the “action” was, I ended up in the film/movie industry which eventually led me to the West Coast. After several years of working in production and doing extra/stand-in work I decided I needed a real career.

I began taking flying lessons and obtained the necessary ratings to get on with a regional airline. Outwardly, I was enjoying much success but after the novelty of becoming a commercial pilot wore off and I achieved all my goals — inwardly, I realized I was miserable. Miserable, because there was still a void in my heart for something more.

I had been trying desperately to fill that void with worldy things like: career achievements, relationships, travel, food, entertainment.

In 2001, it became apparent that I was born a sinner and was separated from a Holy God. God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins on the cross and give me eternal life. The reason for the void? I had been living apart from God. The blood of Christ covers my sin and has brought me back into a right relationship with God Almighty.

Now, I realize that my value and self-worth do Not depend on what I do or what I achieve but on who I am in Christ……a child of God.

“But God is a Wild Man, and I hope that the course of your life you encounter Him. But let me warn you, you need to hang on for dear life, or let go for dear life, maybe is better.” – Rich Mullins